• Ann Chery Waist Shaper Latex Beige

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    Ann Chery Waist Shaper Latex Beige 

    Burn fat whilst looking sexy!

    Material: Latex & Cotton inside - Comes in all Sizes - Next day delivery available 

    Femshaper are authentic, made in Colombia. 

    Your femshaper will give you an instant hourglass silhouette with flat tummy and thin waist. Look fabulous, whilst wearing your femshaper under a dress, top or shirt, everyday! 

    Thanks to the material, the latex, the femshaper waist shaper acts as a thermal band that helps you perspire on your tummy and love handles, whilst wearing it during your workout. The more you move with it, the more it helps you to slim down and burn inches off your waist!  


    .................CINCHERS FUNCTION

    • SLIMMER waist in an INSTANT with your shapewear for women
    • Can lose up to 4 inches in your mid-section in less than 30 days
    • Show Off your hourglass figure with your waistcincher!!
    • Use cinchers as SPORTING ACTIVITY or undergarment shapewear.



    • Start from the bottom hook of the cincher and continue upwards, one hook at a time.
    • This waist cincher may be worn 2 to 6 hours a day or longer according to your comfort level.
    • TIP: It is advisable to start off wearing our latex waist cinchers on top of a tank-top or light workout gear.


    Please select your actual current size. Please do not size down. 

    These are general guidelines. 


    • Accepted within 7 days of payments
    • Shipping charges paid by buyer for re delivery of exchanges 
    • Waist cinchers can be exchanged if undamaged, unused and in its original packaging
    • For Refunds, bank refund charges of £6.50 will be deducted on UK Orders
    • See further conditions in the Terms page for additional details