• Femshaper Beauty Wrap

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    Beauty Wrap

    50 metres worth of wrap 
    Worth 30 uses! 

    The Femshaper beauty wrap film helps you reduce the extra fat on your belly, thighs or arms. 
    Moisturise with the slimming cream, then wrap away for 30mins and you could lose up to 2inches in your first week, on your belly. 

    No need to go to the Beauty Salon every week for your slimming wrap treatment, you can pamper yourself at home! 
    The Beauty wrap is a pleasurable beauty ritual, that can be done at home, to help you tone the appearance of your skin and help you slim down and burn fat! 

    Main Benefits: 
    • Help reduce the appearance of cellulite
    • Help reduce the appearance of stretch marks 
    • Helps tone your body and excess skin 
    • Helps burn fat and slim down
    • Helps sweat on targeted body areas 
    • Fresh & Non greasy wrap 

    How to use:
    • Great to use your Beauty Wrap in combination with your Slimming cream
    • Apply generously your slimming cream on the body parts you want to beautify and wrap your Femshaper beauty wrap for at least 30 minutes.
    • Can be used on your thighs, tummy, waist, love handles and arms.
    • Once used, throw away the wrap. 

    50 metres wrap - Worth 30 uses !  

    Non Refundable - Non Exchangeable for hygienic reasons.