• femshaper arm shaper


    1. Slimmer, firmer arms in an instant
    2. Wear this arm slimmer under clothes for a lean look in any outfit
    3. Corrects your posture to slim your stomach and prevent back pain
    4. Available in black or beige to blend in with all your clothing
    5. Lightweight and comfortable fabric with added spandex

    Slim shapewear for arms that beats bingo wings and perfects posture in seconds!

    Bingo wings are a very common concern for a lot of women, whether it’s due to aging, weight gain, weight loss or is just the way your body is. If you feel self-conscious about your arms it can limit the type of clothes you’re comfortable wearing. Your confidence shouldn’t suffer just because you feel like you have a flaw! To instantly create more streamlined arms, give this arm shaper a go!

    This arm slimmer it will instantly reduce the size of your arms for a thinner and more toned look. Any loose skin or excess fat will be held in place, so you can achieve that gym-going look without needing to lift a single weight! Available in black, you can wear this versatile sleeve underneath any outfit or even as sleeves with sleeveless tops and dresses. The soft and lightweight material contains spandex for a tight but comfortable fit that you can wear all day.

    The all-in-one design of this arm shaper means it also works as a posture corrector. Standing up straight will relieve and prevent back pain, as well as making you look slimmer. You’ll be amazed at what a difference good posture makes to your body shape! Good posture will give you a flatter stomach, firmer bum and perkier breasts. By combining arm slimming and posture correction you can transform your figure in an instant and look great whatever you wear.