Ann Michell Slimming gel


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Ann Michell Slimming gel - bottle

This gel is great to apply every mornings and every nights, on all specific areas of your body (tummy, thigh, arms) where you have cellulite and where you wish to slim down!!

You can combine the cream with your femshaping and waist training exercise, apply the cream before wearing your waist trainer!


- Helps to eliminate the accumulated fat 

- Helps to increase skin Oxygenation

- Helps to Firm & Tone skin

- Helps to Smooth skin 

- Visibly reduces the signs of Cellulite 


The cream has a blend of active ingredients, fruits and plants flavours to enrich your senses whilst applying it on your body

With  Ginkgo Biloba tree and seaweed extracts, this fresh formula will instantly make you feel good.     

The cream comes in a bottle with resealable cap for maximum hygiene. 

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